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At LoveCry's Healing Cafe' we learn how to heal the pains from our abuses. There are many ways to do this. some of the good examples are on this site.
When we stop Learning we have just put one foot into our own Grave!

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Yoga For Balanced Healing

We react to Love with instinct but unless we cultivate it and grow with it within our minds, (Loving thoughts), we are Love’s victims and Love is our victim. 

Love does not mean we have the right to be abusive and take ourselves or each other for granted, Love means We will not abuse! 

We are borne feeling LOVE but not with a blueprint as to how to LOVE ourselves or anyone or thing. This we humans need to learn and all of our best Prophets have been teaching us for centuries, we need to listen and apply their teachings.

Our family units and Societies could heal with LOVE and thus we could attend to the other problems with more enthusiasm and desire.  Angel Femia



Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.  ~Lucille Ball



To Heal We need to love ourselves and one way to accomplish that is doing regular Yoga Practilces.

Hatha Yoga for Sadness Relief

Anthony's Story - Yoga and Foster Care URBAN YOGIS

Centering before Yoga

Learn to breathe correctly

Better Health with 5 breaths a day!

Yoga for Complete Beginners - Yoga Class 20 Minutes

Beginner Yoga for Compassion

Yoga to open your Heart, a Yoga sequence

Yoga As Therapy For Anxiety & Depression Part 1 - Host Hema Mali

Yoga As Therapy For Anxiety & Depression Part 2 -- Host Hema Malini

Yoga to help you Focus


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Healing Teachings


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Blessings and Love to All

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