Pot Can Fight Radiation
All Are Equal Under Father God and Mother Goddess
All are equal and all belief systems have equal importance to Humanity.

Thus meaning that we all have an equal place on this planet. Each to travel upon different roads all leading to the same end and thus beginning.

There is equal importance in all beliefs and that Our Creator is known under many names all being the same.

Sex is earthly {a part of the material world given to us to use to create and heal each other}. Our Creator, not being earth bound nor in a physical body is a much higher being than us who still have the needs of the Psychical realm. Therefore sex becomes a very important part of our realm and has only a place within our creator to give to us as a physical gift to be used in a sacred manner. Neither Female nor Male is of greater importance and our creator is all.

We are living within this realm to learn, learning takes growth, takes pain, strength comes from the endurance oaf life's pains and gentleness comes from life's loves.

Our greatest lessons will be Unconditional Love and Forgiveness.

Forgiveness will be the key to Unconditional Love.

Love Is The True Healer!
by Angel Femia
Dr. Rev. Sister Angel
The Divine Mother abides in the heart of every being, universes without end. She is the divine creature who has manifested these dancing forms of consciousness as an adoration for Her beloved, the eternal formless Supreme Being - God the Father. In truth these two timeless lovers are not two. Rather, they are inseparably bound to play out their cosmic dance of love for all eternity. The Goddess came from nowhere meaning that there was never a time She did not exist. She is that aspect of the Divine which is immanent and accessible. Where there is love, compassion and mercy, we see Her direct presence. Her abode is always the present moment.
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What Is and Who Is God
A god is a being created by humans and given supernatural powers or attributes such as immortality, omniscience, telekinesis, and invisibility. These creations serve many purposes, such as imaginary protection from enemies or explanations for the origin of such things as good and evil, fire and wind, or life and death.

Gods are often the central figures around which religions are built. It is often claimed that religion began in fear and superstition. The same might be said for gods.

Some religions maintain that there is just one God and that all the gods of all religions except theirs were created by human beings. Yet, everyone who believes in a god of some sort believes their god is real.

Since gods are supernatural, they exist outside the bounds and laws of space and time. They can possess any of an infinite array of magical powers. Hence, there is no way to prove or disprove their reality. One might say: If gods exist, anything goes!
Love's Not A Sin!!!

Cannabis Cures Cancer

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