Pot Can Fight Radiation
Nothing Will Get Better Without Unconditional “LOVE”
Angel Femia

Everywhere we here people talking about The Wars Overseas, Illuminati, Natural Disasters, Crime Rates, Brake Down of the Family Unit and Society as we know it, Deadly Diseases and Global Warming.

All are very important issues and need to be addressed big time as do many others we as humans are facing in our world right now. It is a very hard time and we need to come together to deal with it all.

I do however have one problem with all of the ways we here from our medias to correct these problems. We can clean up our environment, work for world peace clan together and stop the illuminati, calm down mother earth by changing our ways of life to coincide closer to nature, learn to heal our criminals as opposed to criminalizing the sick into being criminals, repair the family units and bring society back on track thus helping to cease global warming.

Many great people have ideas that almost would work but there is one thing missing.

With all this pain and hell going on the one ingredient that could help the correcting of these and other issues a great deal better


I have had many interactions with so many people in the past sixteen years with LoveCry and can say that almost all of them are literally afraid of LOVE and work hard to scare themselves right away from anything to do with it. Everyone pretends to be open and wanting but when love beckons we do things that we know in our hearts will destroy any chance of the Love Seed growing.

I am an Ordained Minister in two systems and a Ordained High Priestess in another and find that even many of the other Ministers are missing the point. The reason for any church or ministry is to teach, cultivate and grow LOVE. Everything else is secondary no matter what it is. But I ask you if these Ministers are afraid of being hurt due to LOVE then it is imposable for them to do their jobs for God and/or Goddess and thus in the eyes of the universe rendering them Ministers in Name Only.

Musicians sing about LOVE but what do they love when off the stage and how do they treat their loved ones and themselves. I am a musician and know that our primary job is to spread love for Father God and Mother Goddess. Before we are able to do this we must first know how to and practice love.

Politicians are here to give us examples of how to live within our society, care for and look out for our interests as a whole but what I have seen is greed , ego and selfishness. If our politicians learned how to love our countries would be much more compassionate and our societies that much stronger and caring. People would feel much better about handing over more tax money and helping out in the communities.

(And so on to find many more examples).

All and every prophet that has every visited our earth including Christ, Buddha, Lennon and King say the same thing

“LOVE is the Answer”

We are borne feeling LOVE but not with a blueprint as to how to LOVE ourselves or anyone or thing. This we humans need to learn and all of our best Prophets have been teaching us for centuries, We need to listen and apply their teachings.

Our family units and Societies could heal with LOVE and thus we could attend to the other problems with more enthusiasm and desire.

Love's Not A Sin!!!

Cannabis Cures Cancer

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